$500K Towards Paterson Museum

April 15, 2023
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PATERSON, NJ – On Monday, Mayor Andre Sayegh, Paterson Museum and Library Executive Director Corey Fleming, and Museum Director Giacomo DeStefano announced that Paterson has been awarded $500,000 from the National Parks Service Save America’s Treasures grant for the Rogers Locomotive Works Erecting Shop building, home of the Paterson Museum.

Of the $24.5 million in awards for 80 projects across 32 states, only 18 projects won full funding of $500,000.

“This is a great day for the Paterson Museum and of course the building,” DeStefano said. “I’m very happy that this is the beginning of a new era for the museum in Paterson’s history.”

Sayegh also announced that the City will be earmarking $1 million towards further preservation work on the museum such as the installation of new chillers and mechanical in the building.

“When you talk about the rich history of Paterson, the museum is one of those institutions that comes to mind and to be able to preserve not only the building, but the resources inside the artifacts that we have that represent the City of Paterson, we’re delighted that this grant opportunity is coming at the right time as the City is on the verge of revitalization,” Fleming said. “We’re delighted to use some of these funds to preserve the building such as infrastructure, walls, doors and the water infiltration system.”

“With all that we are doing to revitalize the City, it is only fitting that we invest in preserving the treasure inside and outside here at the Paterson Museum,” Sayegh said. “This America’s Treasures Grant will help us write a new narrative for the City of Paterson and for the Paterson Museum. I look forward to seeing more visitors in the future. We are all encouraged by the fact that we are one of the few cities in the country to receive this prestigious Save America’s Treasures Grant.”

Gabriella Dragone
Gabriella Dragone

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