About Paterson

Over 200 years ago Alexander Hamilton stood and gazed the natural beauty of the Great Paterson Falls. He was captivated by their raw POWER. Where most people simply saw water, Hamilton saw Industrial potential. With this thought he took action, and thus began one of the greatest turning points in history, “The American Industrial Revolution”.

Paterson, NJ is, “the most important city you've never heard of”. Thanks to visionaries like Alexander Hamilton, Paterson was developed as “The First Planned Industrial City”. This humble town played a major role in the creation of the modern age; jump starting the Paper, Textile, Locomotive, Automotive, Aeronautics and Firearms industries that transformed the USA into the economic superpower it is today. Although many industries thrived in Paterson the most prominent one by far was the Silk Industry. Which resulted in the town's official nickname, “Silk City” a name that would come to represent Industry and the American Dream.

Paterson (Silk City) was not just the home of industry but also the many innovations in technology that followed; giving birth to The First Colt Revolver, Roger Locomotives, The First Submarine, and of course (thanks to the 77ft falls in the middle of town) one of The First Hydro Powered Cities.

But it doesn’t stop there. The City of Silk and its historical factories extend far beyond just the products that were produced. This working town was also involved in many political and ideological changes in the country. In 1913, Paterson became a focal point of the labor movement when silk mill workers struck for six months, demanding improved working conditions. The 1913 Silk Strike focused national attention on the injustice faced by mill workers. Eventually encouraging later improvements to working conditions nationwide like; Child Labor Laws, Mandatory Breaks, Safety Laws, and The Eight-Hour Workday.

Do to it’s rich industrial history, Paterson, NJ has always experienced extremely diverse business and culture attracting immigrants in search of a new life. Paterson has seen many types of people through the years. Travelers and settlers from Italy, Ireland, England, Germany, France, Russia, Poland, South America, The Middle East, and many more called Paterson home. The effects of this cultural hub resonate through time, as Paterson is still one of the most densely diversified cities today.

As you can see the History speaks for itself. Paterson (Silk City) has made immense contributions, with not only national but international effect. This city has helped shape America, which in turn shaped the world.

We have not even begun to scratch the surface of Paterson history... Yes, there’s MORE! For more Paterson info and history, Please check out the link below.

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